Is it really that easy to follow a healthy nutrition plan? 

Yes – When you have a plan to follow, an organized grocery list and yummy recipes to cook!

Keep reading and find out how you can eliminate all the guess-work in eating healthily.

Waking up at 4:45AM Monday morning and getting my butt out of bed for work is the easy part of the day.  Shower, dry my hair, get dressed and eat breakfast.   Whoooooa…..what?  Breakfast?  Easy? An “easy” breakfast might be an unfamiliar thought to most of you.  Most people struggle with getting breakfast prepared on a lazy Sunday morning at 11:00AM, forget Monday morning after a hectic weekend at the cottage, driving home in grueling Sunday night traffic and rolling in at 10:00PM. Forget Monday morning breakfast after a weekend of chores and kid duties.

And if Monday morning breakfast is a tough commodity to organize, how the heck will Monday’s lunch fit into this equation?  And, what about the healthy snack to keep your energy up when you get to the 2:00PM witching hour?  Let’s not even use the dinner word at this point!  Way too much to think about!

Simply put, you need a plan!

An organized plan that will guide you through one week at a time regardless of the demands of your daily life.

Your plan includes the following:

  1. A comprehensive, well-planned, balanced daily menu
  2. A complete and well-organized grocery shopping list
  3. Instructions and guidance to have a prep and cook time in your week

Once you have taken the guess work out of WHAT you will eat, you will need to carve out time for shopping, prep and cook.  This is where a nutrition coach comes in….

Why hire a coach?  Will the wise words of a coach get you there?  Absolutely! A coach will help you create the headspace and drive and keep you moving in the right direction.   A Nutrition Coach also creates accountability and organization to keep you focused on the task at hand. 

Planning your menu is daunting.  Prep and cook time seems impossible. This is where most people lose sight and fall off before they start.   How many times have you marked the start date on your calendar and that day just keeps getting pushed off? 

The Clean Your Plate Nutrition program is exactly what you need for accountability, focus, ease, and results.  Not quite sure yet?  Check out our CYPN free 6-recipe sample to get a taste of what is CYPN is all about. 

Your number one task today is to cook one recipe from the CYPN free 6-recipe sample then click register to get ready for 30 days of mindful eating starting September 15th!