April 15th, 2021


Ann provided me with a great nutrition plan, Clean Your Plate, which focuses on clean, wholesome food. It is a no gimmick, non-supplemental nutrition plan that brings you back to the basics of healthy eating. This is not a diet. The theory is simple, but by no means is it easy. It is how food should be eaten. It is what true nutrition is all about. Her commitment and dedication helped me qualify for the World Duathlon Championships in Spain in 2016 I have no hesitation in recommending Ann for your fitness or nutrition needs.

Natalie, World Duathlon Athlete for Canada

To anyone that is on the fence about joining CYPN, just give it 30 days. I was the person sitting at the table with Ann thinking “there’s no way I can do this”. 30-days on Clean Your Plate are seriously going to change your life!

Angie, 2019

The CYPN program met my expectations and went beyond. Inflammation has gone down considerably, my gut feels clean and not bloated and I have lost 5 pounds. I did not specifically decide to follow this program to lose weight so this is an added bonus. Thank you Ann for starting each of the program with beneficial tidbits and sayings that made me think twice about “cheating” or veering off the program. I plan to stay strong and keep this up!

Ana, 2019


I have always had a passion for health, fitness and good food.
These three elements have been the backbone of my daily existence and are now the way I not only look after my body, but also the way I nourish my life. I look forward to coaching you and helping you find your own passion for good health!



How are things going?

I know it feels like your daily routine has been thrown “upside-down” this past week or two! And maybe your plan, prep and cook over the past week has fallen off. That’s ok! Today is a new day. Start your new normal, new schedule and jump back into your healthy lifestyle! Take a look at this yummy Sautéed Vegetable Peanut Bowl. I cooked this dish on Saturday night with lots of leftovers for Sunday’s post-workout ...
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Holiday Nutrition Bowl

I indulged this holiday season and I am ready to do a bit of detoxing before the next hit! Are you ready to ease into some healthier options to get you through the days between now and December 31st? The Holiday Nutrition Bowl will do exactly that. The great thing about this recipe is you can use your leftover vegetables from your holiday meal. Cook up some lentils and whirl together this fantastic peanut sauce ...
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Creamy Mushroom Soup Recipe

Getting back to my weekend soup routine ~ this Creamy Mushroom Soup is one of my favorites! Make a big batch on Sunday and enjoy a bowl each day. It is easy, delicious and super nutrient rich. Healthy eating during the busy work week for me means super easy and not always a lot of variety.  Leftovers, easy recipes and plan and prep….that is my plan of attack and it works!! Enjoy this Creamy Mushroom ...
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Will the wise words of a nutrition coach get you where you need to be?

Is it really that easy to follow a healthy nutrition plan? Yes - When you have a plan to follow, an organized grocery list and yummy recipes to cook! Keep reading and find out how you can eliminate all the guess-work in eating healthily. Waking up at 4:45AM Monday morning and getting my butt out of bed for work is the easy part of the day. Shower, dry my hair, get dressed and eat breakfast ...
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Are you searching for an online nutrition program?

Have you noticed the popularity of online nutrition programs lately? Have you wondered how to negotiate through all of the options to find the program best for you? Have you reviewed your goals? Why are you searching for an online nutrition program? Do any of these reason sound familiar? Weight loss Need healthy recipes Kick-start new habits The nutrition program that is best for you, regardless of your goals, must follow 3 critical rules in ...
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How to achieve sustainable weight loss

Are you wondering how you will possibly re-start, kick-start, or simply put one foot in front of the other and begin a process that will lead to necessary weight-loss? Weight-loss is achievable. Healthy weight-loss is sustainable! Your first step and most important step in achieving your healthy sustainable weight-loss is being ready, head in the game, road map in hand. What I like to call “armed and ready for battle!” The number 1 reason most ...
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